Piano Adventures Teacher Atlas

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The Piano Adventures Teacher Atlas offers online streaming access to digital editions of the core Piano Adventures method books and supplements from any web browser on any device.




  • My First Piano Adventure A, B, C [Lesson, Writing, and Christmas Books] (10 books)
  • Basic Piano Adventures Primer Level through Level 5 [Lesson, Theory, Technique & Artistry, Performance, Gold Star Performance, Sightreading, Popular Repertoire, and Christmas Books] (57 books)
  • Accelerated Piano Adventures 1 and 2 [Lesson, Theory, Technique & Artistry, Performance, Sightreading, Popular Repertoire, and Christmas Books] (13 books)
  • Adult Piano Adventures Course Books 1 and 2, Popular 1 and 2, Classics 1 and 2, and Christmas 1 and 2 (8 books)
  • International All-in-Two Edition Piano Adventures (12 books)
  • Spanish Edition Piano Adventures and Adult Piano Adventures en español (13 books)


  • The PreTime to BigTime Piano Library: Music from China, Disney, Hits, Studio Collection, Popular, Christmas, Classics, Favorites, Rock ’n Roll, Jazz & Blues, Kids’ Songs, Hymns, Ragtime & Marches, and Jewish Favorites (75 books)
  • DuetTime Piano Christmas [Primer, 1, and 2] (3 books)
  • The Developing Artist Piano Literature, Sonatinas, Selections from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, and Piano Literature for a Dark and Stormy Night (11 books)
  • Scale and Chord Books 1-3 and Hanon-Faber (4 books)
  • I Can Read Music Books 1-3 (3 books)
  • Once Upon a Rainbow Books 1-3 (3 books)

Teacher Resources

  • Primer Level Teacher Guide with over 60 teaching videos, 20 ensemble stories, and complete duet appendix
  • Access to Faber Technique & Artistry online video resource with StudentLink (285 videos)

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